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Back to (Elementary) School

It was "Moving Up" Day for the kinder graduates of East Rembo Elementary School last March 19, 2014.

It was “Moving Up” Day for the kinder graduates of East Rembo Elementary School last March 19, 2014.

Last Wednesday, March 19, I attended my younger brother Justine’s “moving up” ceremony – the new term for graduation from kindergarten, after the shift to the K-12 curriculum  at East Rembo Elementary School (ERES) in Makati City.

The kinder graduates were very makulit (restless) during the ceremony. Some got up from their seats and played with their classmates. Others ran to their parents (seated in another section), returned to their seats… then went back to their parents again. Even the teachers and a troop of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts cannot pacify them.

They were actually calm and obedient when the program started. But when the talent shows of each class and the awarding of ribbons dragged on, the kids became rowdy.

It was chaotic, but it was cute chaos. (See photos in the gallery below.)


Justine got a “Most Cheerful” ribbon in his class. He’s more like “Most Makulit“, actually. Haha.


ERES is my alma mater. My two sisters, Joyce and JM, also graduated from there.

Like in my previous visits, I roamed the floor-waxed hallways of the school’s three buildings. The steps of the staircases were already small for my feet. Haha.

The rooms for Grade 1 students have LED TVs now, for educational videos. The library and the computer room, my after-school tambayan back then, have received major facelifts and high-tech upgrades. Even the school’s backyard garden improved a lot.

But the school basically looked and remained the same. It’s like 2003 all over again.

The canteen, the waiting sheds, the audio-visual room (school auditorium), the “white spots” on the school grounds for Field Day activities… even the creepy staircases and fire exits at the far end of the school’s oldest four-storey building.

Some of my former teachers are still teaching there. Astig! (Cool!)

I am also happy that the mural on the wall, where we (my fellow classmates and two of our teachers) stood in front of for a picture back when I was in Grade 1, survives up to this day. And I think it’s restored regularly; the colors were as vibrant as it was in 1997.

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Most likely, I’ll visit ERES again soon. Justine’s studying there for 6 more years, while baby Beck would join him two years from now.

‘Til next time, ERES! 🙂



One thought on “Back to (Elementary) School

  1. Hi MJ, can I grab some photos from this article? I’m from batch 94. The photo/s will be credited to you. Thanks

    Posted by Orlee Pasion | October 20, 2017, 10:47 AM

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