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UP Ikot

I only had two hours of sleep, and a bag of mini-cheese breads for breakfast. I slept in the office’s quiet room so that I wouldn’t have to take an early-morning commute. Going home to Makati at 1AM after midshift work, then coming back to Quezon City at 6AM? Oh, the horror! xD Besides, the UP Diliman campus is just across Commonwealth Avenue, a “baseball pitcher’s throw away from our offices at UP Ayala TechnoHub.

The park inside UP TechnoHub

Commonwealth Avenue and the QC Memorial Monument

Me, Charles and Kurt


Charles, Kurt and I jogged around the UP Oval at 7AM. ‘Twas my first time to do so, and my first jog with friends. The sun’s heat and the humidity were just right. The wind was calm, too.

I also took this chance to reminisce on some of my memories in UP. I may not have been an alumni, but the nation’s top university sure was a host to many milestones in my life. (Why I didn’t study in UP when I could have is another story for another time.) Good thing I got my replacement camera unit already from Canon.

Taking pictures while jogging? Talk about multi-tasking! xD


The UP Oval


Palma Hall

This is the Palma Hall. Not exactly sure whether here is where I took the UPCAT exam in 2006, but Palma Hall is among the most notable buildings in the campus.

Rizal Hall

Aah, the Rizal Hall, where we watched a play, Gabriela, back when I was in high school.

UP Film Institute

The UP Film Institute, where Destiny Church has its regular Sunday service. Back when I was attending Sunday service, I would always be out of breath arriving here because I was running late. Blame the Makati-to-UP commute. xD


Lovers at the Sunken Garden

This picture closely resembles what I took in almost the same location just this February. I attended a fund-raising concert by Destiny Church held at the Sunken Garden during the UP Fair. (I saw that Gary V really still has the moves, and heard him talk about how God and Jesus saved his life. Inspiring words from Mr. Pure Energy.)

Before starting the walk home at 11PM (there were a few jeepneys at that time, so, yup, I walked all the way from the Sunken Garden up to the UP entrance in Commonwealth!), I took a picture of a couple enjoying the sights and sounds from a bench along the Sunken Garden parameter. See for yourself.

This picture is the “AM version” of it. xD


This is me, jogging… like a zombie. xD

After our first lap, Charles and Kurt took two photos of me while jogging. They weren’t able to capture a third, because I decided to jog faster to “savor the moment.”

You see, I am sometimes guilty of taking so many photos during an event/gig and holding the camera 90% of the time, that I forget that it was not why I was there in the first place. I was busy trying to get the perfect shot, but it turns out, I was missing out on all the fun.

So there, when Charles and Kurt borrowed the camera to take pictures of me, I let go. Then, I let loose!


Midway through the second lap, Charles and I pause (and pose) in front of the UP Oblation statue…

There are moments you can take photos/videos of, so you can view it later. And there are moments only the eyes can capture, amazing moments you should experience first-hand, priceless moments a picture or a video cannot fully contain.

The three of us chatting, laughing, and outrunning each other. Families and friends jogging and playing together. Vendors selling food and drinks along the Oval. Kids practicing football. Students walking with T-rulers and waiting on the stairs of the halls. Construction workers toiling beside a UP Monorail pillar.

The beauty in doing this “jog down memory lane” is that I got the chance to create new ones. My legs hurt until now, but that’s nothing compared to the things I got to see,  hear, and feel, as we jogged twice around the UP Oval on a warm, peaceful Saturday morning.


P.S. It pays to stretch before and after jogging.



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  1. Thanks Mike!!! Can I have a copy of the pics? haha

    Posted by kpsilvano | November 25, 2012, 9:38 PM

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