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Brains and Brawns

I watched Pinoy Pride XIV: Night of Champions on ABS-CBN and the 32nd National Quiz Bee on Studio 23.

I can’t help but notice the excessive advertising by Cobra Energy Drink on the boxing event, and the average production quality of the quiz bee.

Compare that to how HBO broadcasts boxing bouts, and how ESPN airs the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Cobra’s advertising in Pinoy Pride XIV is not subliminal anymore; it’s blatant already. Their brand logo is on the ring canvas, and pops up at the lower part of the TV screen from time to time. They even feature a “Tunay na Lakas Punch of the Round” replay after each round, and airs their TV ads every commercial break. I bet if you keep count of Cobra’s TV time, it might be longer than the 12-round boxing match main event for Donny Nietes’ WBO Junior Flyweight title itself!


It’s unfortunate that the 32nd National Quiz Bee gets little attention. I only found out about it while I was surfing the channels. We got bright kids and bright minds here, folks! They can quite possibly be future pioneers in the fields of their choosing.

Being a one-time National Quiz Bee “alumni” myself, I have seen how these shows are produced. The quality of the show, production-wise, is still far behind, if we will compare that to game shows on TV like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, or 1 vs 100. However, it’s cool that the kids and their respective coaches introduce themselves now before a category begins, unlike before, when the introductions are done in post-production.

The production of any TV show should sell the show itself. It’s not just to have a set of episodes each year. It’s to have viewers anticipate the set of episodes each year.

Of course, the drama in shows like the National Quiz Bee is toned down. But in my view, it could still up the ante in production value. Maybe LED scoreboards and screens, an improved stage set, and a better post-production editing might do the trick.

Praises for Ms. Pettizou Tayag and the organizers of the National Quiz Bee for continuing to feature some of the brightest kids in the country, and making us answer the trivia questions with them.


The Grand Finals of the 32nd National Quiz Bee airs next Sunday morning, June 10, on Studio 23.



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