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21 Dream Professions [Part 3]

As I look forward to the next eight decades or so of my life, I’ve come up with a list of 21 professions I would like to have or experience in the future.

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15. TV commercial or movie producer – Every time we get to meet, my friend and I talk about ideas for commercials and comedy films. We miss the “Dolphy-Babalu-Redford White-Carding” era of comedy.

16. Lead vocalist of a band – My parents used to make me sing with a karaoke machine during special occasions. Over time, I got to love listening to music and singing along with it. I enjoy feeling the guitar riffs and the drum beats of rock songs, the soothing sound of pianos and violins, and the energetic blasts of trumpets and saxophones. When all of ’em get together in perfect harmony, and paired with nice lyrics, it’s “audiophile’s heaven” for me. (Too bad I don’t know how to play any musical instrument. But I’ll be one rockin’ lead vocalist, if you’ll ask me.)

17. Business analyst/Process optimizer – This is the only one related to my current profession, out of the 21 in this list. (I’m currently an SAP developer.) I want to take part in decision-making, in planning, in making processes efficient. I can do technical things, but my “clerical genes” really want to be part of the action!

18. Church pastor or leader – I’m not eliminating the possibility. I’ve just been saved recently, and this is the way I want to serve God and Jesus Christ, in return for all the blessings He has given me. When I get to have a family of my own, we will all be one in Christ, and then help in bringing more people to Jesus.

19. Urban planner – I have played Sim City games before, and I like how it allows you to run a town of your own, and solve simulated community problems. It taught me that you can’t just put schools or hospitals at any location, that zoning is essential, that police and fire stations should be put in strategic locations, and that you should also think of creating revenue for your town, not just spending.

20. MMDA chairman – I want to minimize the traffic in EDSA, and help implement zoning in Metro Manila. (But, I think I have to be city mayor first.)

And finally, my top dream profession…

21. President of the Philippines – Ever since I read my first newspaper and became aware of what’s happening in the country, I told myself, I want to correct things that aren’t working out. I had enough of “flavor of the month” issues: those that receive lots of attention one month, then gets forgotten the following month because of another issue that popped up. I strongly dislike it when newsmakers “solve problems” by airing their opponent’s “dirty laundry” which is not even related to the issue at hand, just to elicit from a “confused” audience anger towards the opponent and sympathy for the newsmaker. In short, I dislike it when unstable emotions trump solid evidence.

It pains me when I realize that more than 25 years after a revolution that should have improved our condition, nothing much has changed. The country is still living in the shadows of its past, because most of us Filipinos refuse to learn from it. We pick what we want to remember. We value popularity over skills and merit. Our foundations are shallow that we find it hard to stand on our own and hold ourselves up.

If I were President, I would uphold the rule of law. It’s better that we rely on laws and processes that are fair and rigid. We had enough of people circumventing laws to get away with all their wrongdoings. We had enough of powerless people remaining that way, convinced that they they will always lose to people who have money and power. We had enough of people using other people and their emotions to get what they want. With firm rules, there would be no one above the law.

If I were President, I would focus my energy on public service, not on politics. I would serve the people who need help, not the people who wants to help only themselves.

If I were President, I would narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. I would find a way to turn the “triangle” (wherein the wealthy few are on top, and the poor majority are at the bottom) into a “diamond” (wherein the self-sufficient middle class will compose most of the population).

If I were President, I would like to create more sustainable and stable jobs so that OFWs could go back home and work here. I would also boost the agriculture sector, because would have inadequate food supply if we disregard advancements and new studies in agriculture. We should be self-sufficient. We should get what we need from what we have.

If I were President, I would lead the Philippines back to where it was in the 1960s, when it was economically at par with South Korea and Japan. We have been there before. Surely, we can go back to that pedestal again. 🙂



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