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21 Dream Professions [Part 2]

As I look forward to the next eight decades or so of my life, I’ve come up with a list of 21 professions I would like to have or experience in the future.

[2nd of three parts] [read Part 1 here]

8. Book author – I’m a huge bookworm: back in college (and until today), my two best friends and I go straight to the bookstores when we’re in malls. I want to learn all that I can about the world, hear stories from lots of people, then get to share what I’ve learned to and write stories of my own for other people. 🙂

9. Archiver – My NCAE results (the one students take before graduating from high school) suggest that I’d have a clerical career someday. It seems to me that it holds true. Since I love collecting stuff, why not become an archiver? Every information is important, every data essential. It helps us decide on what to do, to courageously face an uncertain future.

10. Photographer – I’m always the guy behind the camera, with eyes peering on the viewfinder. I’m always the “unofficial photographer” of the class in college. Mama even “scolded” me once for almost having no pictures of myself when I was Boston for a two-week IT conference. I’m easily amazed by what I see in the world: nature, buildings, crowds, serenity, and order amidst chaos and uncertainty. I love how pictures convey emotions, how photos can be worth a thousand words.

11. Statement shirts business owner – Yeah, Facebook and Twitter and all that are the fad right now. But what if you can wear your thoughts and feelings for the day? There are lots of businesses out there that do and have done that. But hey, we’ll have more awesome and more creative graphic designers with us to make the T-shirts more funky, witty, and trendy! Just wait and see… You’ve been warned. XD

12. College professor – Knows a lot about lots of things? Check. Willing to share ’em to kids and teens? Check. Talkative and sometimes makwela? Check. Wouldn’t give a student a failing grade as long as he/she shows he/she does not deserve it? Check. 😀 I might be going back to my alma mater (Asia Pacific College) to teach there, around five years from now.

13. Computer center administrator – I was a member of Intel Computer Clubhouse in Makati from 2002 to 2007. I sometimes volunteer in a Constructing Learning through Technology center in San Antonio, Pasig. I want to give back to the kids what I’ve learned and experienced in the Clubhouse. Plus, I get the chance to be a kid again and be a Kuya to lots of kids at the same time! 😀

14. Event organizer/director/planner – When I was in college, I was the logistics director of a huge IT student organization for almost three years. My job was to make sure our student events run smoothly. I learned how to deal with people, with changes in plans, and with criticisms. I will always love the adrenaline rush that I get when I’m in action. I also got to work with lots of cool, creative and amazing people.

[click here for Part 3]



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