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21 Dream Professions [Part 1]

Exactly a month from now, I will be 21 years old.

So much has happened in my first two decades here on Earth. I met lots of friends, learned lots of lessons, and had my share of awesome and not-so-good moments.

As I look forward to the next eight decades or so of my life (Hey, I wanna live to 100!), I’ve come up with a list of 21 jobs/careers I would like to have or experience in the future.

These are what I’ve dreamt of since childhood. It was born out of the things I enjoyed doing, and still enjoy up to now. Who knows, I might make a career out of one, or some, or all (!) of the items in this list. 🙂

So, in no particular order of accomplishment, here are my 21 dream professions.

[1st of three parts]

1. TV travel show host – I’m a big fan of Strangebrew when it was still on TV. Tado and Erning (and Ramon Bautista) are such amusing hosts. Travel Time by Ms. Susan Calo-Medina is another inspiration. I want to travel the whole Philippines, share interesting trivia, and show my adventures in an entertaining way.

2. TV game show host – The late 90s to early 2000s was, in my view, the “golden age of game shows”. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Game K N B?, The Weakest Link, The Price is Right: I intently watch ’em all when it’s on. It’s that era when the viewers shout the answers to trivia questions on the TV screen, as if the contestant can hear us in the studio. Fun times.

3. Researcher/Research company owner – I have collected weird stuff from the Internet over the years: flags of the world, maps, TIME magazine covers, wrestling pay-per-view results, even Philippine Stock Exchange index and PHP-USD exchange rates. I have even created my own maps and infographics for: US Electoral College results since 1804, Philippine Congress Timeline, and 2010 Philippine general election results in some provinces. I’m a geek for lists, almanacs, newspapers, and maps, so I figured: why not set up my own research company? Or work for PIA, NAMRIA, or GMA News? 🙂 My big contribution to the country would be the Philippine Almanac, akin to The World Almanac and Book of Facts and TIME Almanac.

4. GMA News employee – I have said many times before that working for GMA News is one of my dreams. They’re more objective, more insightful, more informative. They do research better. That’s why I want to be among their employees, specifically in its online arm, GMA News Online.

5. Journalist – I remember when I was in elementary, in a journalism workshop, my feature article on the planets of the solar system was among those that received good remarks. Since then, I’ve written about lots of things. Some have been published in newsletters, some I have posted in my blogs, some I kept to myself. If I’d make it in the in the field of journalism, I want to be a feature writer, or an op-ed columnist.

6. Newscaster – From reading the news on newspapers to reading the news via the teleprompter? Why not? I like to do it the old-school way: just reporting the day’s headlines in an impartial, non-partisan, non-sensational way. It annoys me sometimes when newscasters express their opinions live on national TV. Yes, they have a right to do so, but it’s not their job, and primetime TV is not the right venue. It implies that their opinions are the right ones, that their experience in newscasting (and in public office, for some) is enough to make them “credible” to discuss issues. It’s as if they’re the voice of the people now. They should allow the viewers to be the judge, in my opinion. Newscasters should only be the medium, the channel. That’s their role, and I want to fulfill that.

7. News magazine editor-in-chief/executive editor – I like reading TIME Magazine. (I have liked Newsweek, too, since they changed their format.) It’s fun to learn something new about the world weekly. Plus, I geek out every time I see cool maps, infographics and numbers, because they present it in a way even a casual reader would understand. I want to be the EIC of a magazine that is objective, journalistic, informative, and in the loop of what’s trending and what’s going on in the country. No agenda, just points from both sides. 🙂

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