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My Sun Cellular Internship Experience

I posted this minutes before the end of my final day of internship at Sun Cellular. This was supposed to be Part 1 of my Sun Cellular Internship Experience, but I really don’t have time to blog nowadays. I apologize. – Mike, 12/2/2010

To start, here’s what I wrote about Sun Cellular in my final paper. Enjoy!


DMPI-ITS Department, for me, has a very nice working environment. Everybody knows everybody else. I felt comfortable interacting with the ODSS team and the rest of the ITS Department, because they are very professional, and are focused on their work. Employees, managers and even executives are very friendly and approachable.

They are also very organized, as shown by the processes they follow. They value project documentation, which most APC students sometimes disregard in performing projects.

My IP, Sir Kevin, is very familiar with C# and SQL. He lets me create the ODSS Portal website at my own pace, on my own diskarte. He checks my work from time to time, offers amazing solutions to problems I can’t solve anymore, and suggests more efficient code paradigms. I could approach him almost anytime to ask questions. He also listens to some of my suggestions. Sometimes, he scolds me, but in a constructive manner. He is friendly and jolly.

Our boss, Miss Lai, is very organized. She thinks of the welfare of the ODSS Team. She trains each of us to become leaders in our own right. During meetings, she won’t scold and humiliate you in front of the team; she’ll help you realize your mistakes.

I enjoyed my stay at Sun Cellular. Napaka-kwela po sa office. Even though they work on lots of things, they don’t forget to have fun! My fellow OJT’s are also nice, and are fun to be with.

Like in the Nescafe commercial, masaya po akong bumabangon sa umaga, looking forward for another fun-filled day at the ITS Department of Sun Cellular.



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