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Walk the Walk

Walking. One of my favorite pastimes.

I believe I wrote about it in a blog post in my former blog at Xanga. Can’t find it, though…

I attended a DEVCON event earlier at The Fort. Since it’s within the proximity of Market! Market! (the nearest mall from our house), I decided to walk.

I re-checked the map to the venue this morning, so I know where to go.

Once, I had to go to the UP AyalaLand Technohub in QC. Looked at the map once, thought the Technohub was inside UP, walked inside, and walked some more until I got tired of finding it inside the big, big campus. So, I asked a security guard. I almost fainted when I found out it was outside UP, along Commonwealth Avenue, almost near the UP Campus Entrance. Sh*t indeed!

I walked to the DEVCON event’s venue, and I went home walking. Here’s the map of my path. The black line was my path to the venue, while the red path is part of my path back home.

(200m scale)

Yup, I crossed the 6-lane C5 Road to get to Market! Market! I’m a bad, bad boy…

If some omniscient being would observe me, he’ll notice I never get tired walking. And I walk through lots of shortcuts. Let’s just say I’ve been used to it.

Hmm, let me see. I had walked from Makati Science High School to Fort Bonifacio Elementary School once (intended to walk all the way home in Comembo, but someone recognized me and gave me jeepney fare).

From MakSci to Guadalupe: many a times. Also from MakSci to Mandaluyong (after a boat ride at Pasig River) and back to Makati via the Guadalupe Bridge.

Another’s from Guadalupe to our house thru Kalayaan Avenue.

From Megamall to Guadalupe, too, around three times (once, I went home at around 10pm after a school event, rode the bus, fell asleep, woke up in Megamall. I had no money anymore to ride another bus back, so I walked along EDSA. At 10pm, guys!)

Here’s another map, this time of my past tracks.

(1 km scale)

I consider walking as my “cardio program.” Better than biking, I think. Because you don’t need a big bike and a helmet, and you won’t have a problem finding a spot to park it in. All you need is the way to get to your destination, awareness of traffic signs and rules, and your presence of mind.

Even I am surprised at myself: I don’t get exhausted while walking. I don’t stop at any point along my way to rest. I just walk, walk, walk, and walk until I get to my destination. Only when I arrive at our house do I feel the pain: my legs hurt, I perspire like a hog, and I need to drink lots and lots of water.

My walking habit became even more fun, thanks to my MP3 player. It gets me pumped up, like a WWE Superstar entering the ring with his entrance music playing.

Sometimes, I turn off my MP3 player to engage in deep thought, another fave pastime of mine. While I look around, I sometimes guess the careers, emotions and life stories of some people from different walks of like, based on their lifestyle, their clothing, and the expressions on their eyes.

Hey, how about you? What’s your story on walking long walks?


To those who doubt my drive, my perseverance and my determination, here’s one of my favorite pastimes to prove you wrong.



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