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2010 Elections, Metro Manila Election Results (2010)

2010 Election Results: Pasig City

Figures posted in this entry are based from the COMELEC Election Results website as of May 17, 7:20 PM. Only top contenders are included in the results for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Representatives. The Top 6 Councilors are listed as well.

Pasig City

Mayor: Robert Eusebio
Ricardo Reyes
206,438 (84%)
36,403 (15%)
Vice Mayor: Rosalio Martirez
Wainwright Rivera
Abelardo Javier
129,115 (56%)
74,856 (32%)
27,103 (12%)


Representative: Roman Romulo
Francisco Rivera, Jr.
209,281 (90%)
22,659 (10%)
1st District
Iyo Christian Bernardo
Christian Sia
Reynaldo San Buenaventura III
Regino Balderrama
Augustin Alexee Santiago
Lorna Bernardo
2nd District
Richard Eusebio
Rodrigo Asilo
Reynaldo Raymundo
Roberto Benito
Virgilio del Rosario
Charmie Benavides


4 thoughts on “2010 Election Results: Pasig City

  1. kaw na boby saludo ako sa u

    Posted by mikaella | June 5, 2012, 8:32 PM
  2. This coming local election, I compared Iyo Bernardo and Rodrigo Asilo. Visit my post here: http://eltorobumingo.blogspot.com/2013/05/iyo-bernardo-versus-rodrigo-asilo-in.html

    Posted by eltorobumingo | May 8, 2013, 8:57 AM


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