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2010 Elections, Metro Manila Election Results (2010)

2010 Election Results: Parañaque City

Figures posted in this entry are based from the COMELEC Election Results website as of May 17, 7:20 PM. Only top contenders are included in the results for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Representatives. The Top 8 Councilors are listed as well.

Parañaque City

Mayor: Florencio Bernabe, Jr.
Eduardo Zialcita
Joey Marquez
87,127 (44%)
70,372 (36%)
39,459 (20%)
Vice Mayor: Gustavo Tambunting
Andres Jose Yllana, Jr.
101,407 (54%)
84,897 (46%)


1st District
Edwin Olivarez
Rolando Bernabe
Delfin Wenceslao, Jr.
Epimaco Densing III
43,005 (53%)
25,295 (31%)
6,813 (8%)
2,897 (4%)
1st District
Eric Olivarez
Roselle Nava
Jason Webb
Raquel Gabriel
Brillante Inciong
Rufino Allanigue
Venesa Alma Salic
Ricardo Baes, Jr.


2nd District
Roilo Golez
Pedro Montaño
98,940 (96%)
4,135 (4%)
2nd District
Jose Enrico Golez
Valmar Sotto
Edwin Benzon
Florencio Bernabe III
Florencia Amurao
Conchita Bustamante
John Ryan Yllana
Carlito Antipuesto


3 thoughts on “2010 Election Results: Parañaque City

  1. Tally of total votes gathered by each winning councilors should also be posted.

    Posted by Florante macatangay | December 1, 2012, 7:37 AM


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