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2010 Elections, Metro Manila Election Results (2010)

2010 Election Results: Marikina City

Figures posted in this entry are based from the COMELEC Election Results website as of May 17, 7:20 PM. Only top contenders are included in the results for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Representatives. The Top 8 Councilors are listed as well.

Marikina City

Mayor: Del de Guzman
Marion Andres
Alfredo Cheng
101,495 (66%)
35,162 (23%)
16,035 (10%)
Vice Mayor: Jose Fabian Cadiz
Thaddeus Santos, Jr.
Ferdinand Marco
Efren Angeles
84,422 (58%)
46,499 (32%)
9,254 (6%)
4,934 (3%)


1st District
Marcelino Teodoro
Samuel Ferriol
47,425 (67%)
22,232 (32%)
1st District
Eva Paz
Carissa Carlos
Joseph Banzon
Mario de Leon
Serafin Bernardino
Elmer Nepomuceno
Frankie Ayuson
Ronnie Acuña


2nd District
Romero Federico Quimbo
Donn Carlo Favis
Romeo Candazo
45,690 (57%)
13,073 (16%)
10,883 (14%)
2nd District
Mark Albert del Rosario
Xy-Za Diazen
Wilfred Reyes
Anna Dayao
Susana Magtubo
Rommel Ortiz
Ariel Cuaresma
Ernesto Flores



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