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Local Candidates in Metro Manila (2010 Elections)

Local Candidates 2010: Navotas City

Click here for election results for Navotas City


Navotas, declared a city shortly after the 2007 elections and a congressional district before this year’s elections, looks to maintain the same set of leaders it currently has. Outgoing Mayor Toby Tiangco runs for Congressman, son John Tiangco for his father’s post, and incumbent Vice Mayor PJ Javier for re-election — all unopposed under the Navoteño ticket.

Names in italics are candidates running for re-election.

Mayor John Reynald

Vice Mayor Patrick Joseph Javier

Representative Tobias Reynald Tiangco

1st District
Ernani Calayag
Domingo Elape
Edgardo Maño

Bernardo Nazal
Richard San Juan
Alfredo Vicencio
Ricardo Balasa
Jose Norman Magpoc
Reccelle Miralles
Reynaldo Monroy
Avelino Nacar, Jr.
Edita Santos
2nd District
Florencio Araga
Ma. Lourdes del Rosario
Clint Nicholas Geronimo
Enrico Gino-Gino
Analiza Lupisan

Cesar Santos
Ma. Elsa Bautista-Teodoro
Ronaldo Naval

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2 thoughts on “Local Candidates 2010: Navotas City

  1. It only shows how the Abalos n Gonzales clans of Mandaluyong City were well loved by their people coz’ no other big parties opposed their leaderships,this also goes to the Tiangcos’ in Navotas City.

    Posted by Nestor Tamayo | May 10, 2010, 9:46 AM
  2. congratulation to our new mayor,,,,,,,i wish that he will do everything for the benefit of the navoteño people. and i hope he will performed his duties and responsibilities as a leader of this municipality and also don’t forget your student leaders because im one of them. always take care of your family…

    Posted by mary rose quilongquilong | June 16, 2010, 9:33 AM

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