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Local Candidates in Metro Manila (2010 Elections)

Local Candidates 2010: Taguig City

Click here for election results for Taguig City


The COMELEC seemingly left out Taguig City in its publication of official local candidates. So, with the help of a Wikipedia article, and further verification by The Stand, here are the local candidates of Taguig City for this year’s elections.

In the mayoralty race is a classic encounter between the Tingas and Cayetanos. The latter family is a prominent clan in the city, while the former is a major factor in bringing Taguig to its current status as an upcoming first-class modern city.

Names in italics are incumbent candidates running for re-election.

KDT* NP Lingkod Taguig
Mayor Dante
Ma. Laarni
Vice Mayor George Elias Ferdie Santos
1st District
Arnel Cerafica Ren-Ren Cayetano
1st District
Gloria de Mesa
Ronette Franco
Jaime Labampa

Rodil Marcelino
B. Mariategue
Carlito Ogalinola
Roderick Papa
Gamaliel San Pedro
Eduardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz, Jr.
Darwin Icay
Generoso Ignacio
Aurelio Padilla
Jinky Sarmiento
Henry Vega
Emmanuel Victoria

2nd District
Freddie Tinga Arvin Ian Alit Angelito Reyes
2nd District
AP Bartolome
Edwin Eron
Estela Gasgonia
Cheche Gonzales
Ricardo Jordan
Erwin Manalili

Jeffrey Morales
Myla Valencia
Vilma Antigo
Janine Bustos
Dolly Carreon
Noel Dizon
Wilfredo Dubria
Ruth Anne Fronda
Guido Malco
Harry Pautin
Leo Aguilar [PMAP]
Margie Defensor [PRP]
Maricar Delfin
Lenlen Fortuno
Cery Morada
Marc Reyes

* The Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig (KDT) is a coalition between the Liberal Party and the NPC in Taguig. The Tiñgas, Elias and Cerafica are members of LP, but are nominated by KDT as their candidates.

Incumbent Mayor Freddie Tinga, after serving three terms, decided to run for Congress to represent the 2nd District. His father, former SC Assoc. Justice Dante Tinga, would run for Mayor instead, with incumbent Vice Mayor George Elias as his running-mate. The elder Tinga is a former three-term 1st District Congressman.

Taguig-Pateros (1st District) Rep. Laarni Cayetano also decided to run for Mayor, with businessman Ferdinand Santos as her running-mate. Her brother, Ren-Ren Cayetano, is seeking to replace her in Congress.

Arnel Cerafica is a former 1st District Councilor, while Arvin Ian Alit is an outgoing 2nd District Councilor.

The Lingkod Taguig ticket was only visible in the city’s 2nd District, with incumbent Cong. Angelito Reyes leading the pack. Henry Duenas, Jr. was the elected Congressman in 2007, but the son of Energy Sec. Angelo Reyes was declared the winner in February 2010 by a slim margin after a recount. Duenas decided not to run for election.

Other Candidates

Mayor Arthur CLAVO
Vice Mayor Jeffrey Lontoc [PMAP]
Cirila Lumontod
1st District
Luis Cruz, Jr.
Joselito Gabriel
1st District
Robel dela Paz
Joepeter Hidalgo
Gerry Placeros [PMAP]
Alberto Villanueva [PMAP]
2nd District
James Layug
Robinson Lumontod, Jr.
2nd District
Reynaldo Acas
Eugene Calapit
Hernando Mendoza
Taharudin Mokalid
Princess Ramos
Eric Walter Salonga
Ahiyal Sappayani [PMAP]

Kindly state corrections, if there are any, at the comments section below.



4 thoughts on “Local Candidates 2010: Taguig City

  1. “we are condemning poster removing and tearing up by some leaders of “Dirty-Politicians(TRAPOS)” here in Taguig City. we are informing the COMELEC to removed all posters hang-on in the street lights of Taguig.”

    Posted by carl mark trevecedo | April 20, 2010, 11:34 AM
    • please don’t call people names, specially since its not true. concentrate on programs and projects instead of black propaganda. 2 senators and a congresswoman could have done so much in Taguig yet now that the election is coming up they have no tangible project to show the Taguiguenos. Btw, posters should be a non-issue, the bigger issue is your mayoralty candidate is from Bulacan and only married the Gay Senator for cover-up. And the brother running for congressman was a councilor in Muntilupa after he lost in the previous election he moves to Taguig. wow. Do the cayetanos know another way of livelihood? or its really just CayetanoGovernment.ltd… that is the issue here 4 Cayetanos in Government!!! NOt posters you dimwit!

      Posted by TrulyfromTaguig | April 25, 2010, 11:25 AM
  2. we love maam ani so much..
    she deserves it.

    Posted by jay | May 11, 2010, 7:12 PM
  3. We have already shown our support for the Tinga’s for the past years. It’s time for a change, for a better government. It’s foolishness to believe on all lies that the Tinga’s are making of. We should open our mind and be not be blinded with all the black propagandas that they have. We knew exactly that they did not do anything for Taguig. A lot of us are just being fooled by them.

    Posted by ILoveTaguig | May 12, 2010, 4:34 AM

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