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Local Candidates in Metro Manila (2010 Elections)

Local Candidates 2010: Makati City

Click here for election results for Makati City


March 26 marked the start of the campaign period for all local candidates in the 2010 General Elections. Candidates running for Congressman, Governor, Vice Governor, Board Member, Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilor can now start their campaign and woo the votes of their constituents.

Here at The Stand, we would try to list down all local candidates in every province and in every major city in the Philippines. And we’ll start in the hometown of yours truly, Makati City.

The Front-Runners

Arguably for the first time in more than two decades, the mayoralty race for the Financial Center of the Philippines would not be the Binays vs one other candidate, with Binay winning every time. With outgoing Mayor Jojo Binay (1986-2001, 2004 – 2010) running for Vice President, the reign of the Binays in Makati is in serious jeopardy, as three other big names run for Mayor.

Names in italics are incumbent candidates running for re-election.

Team Binay UNA Team Bigkis Pinoy
Mayor Jejomar Erwin
Vice Mayor Rico J. Puno Romulo Peña, Jr.
Jobelle Salvador
1st District
Monique Lagdameo Ma. Lourdes Locsin
Pedro Ibay
1st District
Mayeth Casal-Uy
Ferdie Eusebio
Luis Javier, Jr.
Arnold Magpantay
Romeo Medina
Ma. Arlene Ortega
Armand Padilla
Tosca Puno

Renato Bondal
Monsour del Rosario
Glenn Enciso
Ferdie Estrella
Virgilio Hilario, Sr.
Eddie Ison

Verong Umandap
Ichi Yabut
Virgilio Batalla
Pedro Dadula
Deo dela Cruz
PJ Gonzales
Dennis Reyes
Wilfredo Talag
Jessy Trinidad
Arnold Valenzuela
2nd District
Abigail Binay Ernesto Aspillaga Christian Montes
2nd District
Rod Biolena
Angelito Gatchalian
Joel Ibay
Baby Olfato
Nelson Pasia
Richie Rodriguez
Winnie Ureña
Bing Villamor
Ma. Theresa de Lara
Juanito dela Cruz
Henry Jacome
Leo Magpantay
Buddy Pangilinan
Vincent Sese

Ruth Tolentino
King Yabut
Lina Balaoing
Bodik Baniqued
Abner Dreu
Elena Maccay
Gary Mapagdalita
Dr. Cef Peralta
Jun Soler
Arman Tercero

Jojo Binay endorsed his son, Junjun Binay, for Mayor. Upon learning this, Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado, who expected to be the one endorsed by the elder Binay, defected from his long-time party, went to the Nacionalista Party, and ran for Mayor as well.

Erwin “Win” Genuino makes his return in Makati’s election scene, after failing to win as 2nd District Congressman last 2007. Now, the son of PAGCOR Chair Ephraim Genuino aims to be the next Mayor of Makati, running under a “New Makati, New Face” platform.

Rico J. Puno is a 1st District Councilor and a famous singer and actor. Mercado fielded Romulo “Kid” Peña, while Genuino has Jobelle Salvador, an actress and the daughter of director Leroy Salvador.

Ma. Lourdes Locsin is the wife of outgoing 1st District Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin. Monique Lagdameo is an outgoing 1st District Councilor. Pedro Ibay is a former Councilor, and ran for Mayor in 2004.

Mar-Len Abigail Binay is the incumbent 2nd District Representative. Aspi Aspillaga is an outgoing 2nd District Councilor. Christian Montes ran for Councilor in 2007.

Other Candidates

Below are the other local candidates in Makati City who declared themselves as Independent or are not included in any ticket or line-up.

Other Candidates
Mayor Butz
Vice Mayor Manny Ballelos
Mace Yabut
1st District
Robert Dean Barbers
Oswaldo Carbonell
1st District
Feliciano Bascon
Rem Jerusalem, Jr.
Chico Jochico
Erlinda Lima
Racquel Manalili
Edwin Quiboloy
Bambi Santos
2nd District
2nd District
Bert Almario
Nemesio Beare
Lito Buenaventura
Nonoy Lapasaran
Tony Manalili
Nilo Miranda

The Liberal Party also casted its candidate for Mayor in Butz Aquino, a three-term Representative of the 2nd District, and a relative of LP’s presidential candidate Sen. Noynoy Aquino III.

Mace Yabut brings the Yabut name back to the awareness of Makateños, as he runs for Vice Mayor as an Independent. Two other Yabuts are in the race: Ichi Yabut runs for Councilor in the 1st District, while King Yabut also does too in the 2nd District. Both are under the Mercado ticket.

Robert Dean Barbers is the son of the late Sen. Robert Barbers, and looks to be elected as Congressman.



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