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2010 Elections

Wanted: Elections Corespondents

Calling all elections-savvy Filipinos and aspiring journalists:

The Stand is in need of election correspondents to report on the candidates seeking local government positions (such as Congressman, Governor and Mayor) in their area. This is in response to search strings received by this website from visitors who search within the site the official local candidates in their province, city and/or town. Reports of correspondents would be featured in the “2010 in Focus” series in this blog.

The Stand was first put up in March of 2008 by yours truly, “QWERTY Atty.” Mike Bueza, to serve as the outlet of his opinions and his stand (thus, the blog title) on certain news and issues in our country.

Later, with the 2010 Elections on the horizon, it evolved into an unofficial elections monitor, aggregating election-related news and headlines from different news sources around the Internet. The Stand continues to keep track of the news, and updates the official list of national candidates from time to time.

The Stand recently started 2010 in Focus, a series of articles looking at the possible changes in leadership and composition of national government branches and the local governments after the 2010 Elections. It has earlier featured the Cabinet, the Senate and the Congress.

Now, The Stand would like to feature local elections situations around the country on the road to the 2010 Elections.

  • Who are the candidates for local government positions?
  • What are their track records and accomplishments?
  • If any, have there been allegations and accusations thrown at certain candidates?
  • Are there any brewing feuds among candidates?

This is where the correspondents come in. The Stand hopes that they would be able to answer those questions to provide the visitors of this blog some guidance and knowledge before they vote on May 10.

Interested individuals may send their name, location (city and/or province only), e-mail address and contact number (optional) to michael_bueza@yahoo.com.

You may include or attach your report already in your e-mail message. Please be guided by the questions above. Required to be in your report are the local candidates in your area for these positions:

  • Congressman (per district),
  • Governor, Vice Governor and Board Member (for the provinces), and
  • Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilor (for the cities and towns).

If it is not possible to list down all candidates for Board Member and Councilor, you may take note of the notable candidates. Please indicate the candidates’ party affiliation. You may sort the list by ticket/party affiliation or by position.

Your reports, after verification, will be posted in the 2010 in Focus series. And of course, you will be credited, and your name mentioned in the report.

In advance and on behalf of all visitors of The Stand, thank you very much for your contributions.



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