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To the media: Just say NO!

When I was a kid, I used to watch Knowledge Channel (Sky Cable Ch. 42) because it’s the only channel appropriate for my age. During commercial breaks, the channel frequently air short cartoon skits that teach kids good values like saying sorry, thinking before acting, and not talking to strangers.

One of the skits I remembered the most was Just Say No!. It features a kid, with a butterfly as his conscience, just like Pinocchio’s Jimmy the Cricket. As the title suggests, the butterfly teaches the kid to say no to things he is not sure of, and refuse offers and requests from persons he does not know. It is a message mature enough for kids — and adults alike — to understand and put into heart.

Just Say No! This is the message I would like to suggest and impart to TV stations, radio stations and newspaper publishers so that premature political campaign advertisements made by personalities running in the 2010 Elections cannot air and proliferate any more until the start of the official campaign period.

You see, the so-called “candidates” are not listening any more to the widespread request of the majority of Filipinos to stop making political ads. Each and every Presidential aspirant has an advertisement on TV “paid for by their friends”. They even do so on radio and on newspapers!

They all know that the official campaign period for the 2010 Elections starts on February 9, 2010, but they’re so excited that they cannot wait until that date to make and air political ads!

They defend their political ads by saying that the ads do not contain any explicit statements to vote for them for a certain position in the 2010 Elections, and thus they are not violating any law. They also state that they and/or their friends paid for these ads.

So, if we can’t stop them, who can? The answer: the media.

These “candidates” air their ads on TV and radio, and also print them on newspapers. So, if the media would just say no to these candidates, there would be no political ads airing on TV and radio, and printed on newspapers nationwide!

Before the TV and radio stations’ news and commentary programs could complain and oppose these campaign ads, the TV and radio stations themselves should not accept offers and payments from these “candidates” to air their selfish political ads!

Simply put…

to ABS-CBN, GMA, and other TV stations;
to DZMM, DZRH and other radio stations; and.
to The Philippine STAR, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and other newspapers:

Just Say No!

If you don’t air or print ’em,

they won’t make ’em any more!



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